Adventure Crate Key

20.00 USD

Each Adventure Crate Key will allow you to get ONE of the following items in game.

Warp to the Crates with "/pw Crates" to use.

- Left Click on Adventure Crate to see a preview of items

- Adventure Armor Pieces are Visible in game WITHOUT optifine.

1. Adventure Hat
2. Adventure Chestplate
3. Adventure Leggings
4. Adventure Boots
5. Adventure Satchel (Full Double Chest Inventory BackPack)
6. Adventure Machete
7. Adventure Pickaxe
8. Adventure Brush (Unbreakable)
9. Adventure Whip (Air Hook Grappling Hook with 100 Uses)
   - If you warp whip with 1 use left you can trade for a new Adventure Whip.


When purchased you will Get 12x Adventure Keys, This Purchase may take 2-30 minutes to come though!
Special Prize: Every prize in the crate will come with an Adventure Stone that is a custom storage block.