Name: SuperNova KeyCard 12x
Price: 36.00 USD

Each SuperNova KeyCard will allow you to get ONE of the following items in game. SuperNova KeyCards can also be crafted in game, "/pw ObiRecipes" for crafting recipe.

Warp to the SuperNova Crate with "/pw SuperNova".

Left Click on SuperNova Crate to see a preview of items

- SuperNova Armor Pieces are Visible with Optifine 

1. SuperNova Boots
2. SuperNova Leggings
3. SuperNova Chestplate
4. SuperNova Helmet
5. SuperNova Bow
6. SuperNova Fortune Hoe
7. SuperNova Silk Hoe
8. SuperNova Fortune PickAxe
9. SuperNova Silk PickAxe
10. SuperNova Axe(silk)
11. SuperNova Shovel(silk)
12. Dark Saber
13. Specimen Collector (single use)

When purchased you will Get 12x SuperNova Keys, This Purchase may take 2-30

minutes to come though!