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Name: ObiCraft Summer Key 6x
Price: 20.00

Each Summer Key will allow you to get ONE of the following items in game.

Warp to Crates with "/pw Crates".

Left Click on Beach Bum Bob to see a preview of items.

- Armor Pieces are Visible with Optifine 

1. Summer Flip Flops (Netherite Boots)
2. Summer Board Shorts (Netherite Leggings)
3. Summer Pool Floaties (Netherite Chestplate)
4. Summer Glasses-2 pair one for high and low eyes (Netherite Helmets)
5. Summer Toy Shovel + Decorative Beach Pail & Sandcastle (Netherite Shovel)
6. Birthday Cupcake with candle Sword (Netherite Sword)
7. Rainbow Elytra
8. Shark Float Pickaxe (Netherite Pickaxe)
9. Summer Kite Axe (Netherite Axe)
10. Sharp Scooter (Netherite Hoe)
11. NEW Fishing Pole!
12. Unbreakable Lawn Chore Shears

When purchased you will Get
x Summer Key, This Purchase may take 2-30 minutes to come though!