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Name: 12 ObiCraft Birthday Crate Key 2023
Price: 30.00

Each Birthday Key will allow you to get ONE of the following items in game.

Warp to Crates with "/pw Crates".

Left Click on the Party Planner Pete to see a preview of items.

- Armor Pieces are Visible without Optifine 

1. Bday Helmet 2023 (Netherite* Helmet)
2. Bday Chestplate 2023 (Netherite* Chestplate)
3. Bday Leggings 2023 (Netherite* Leggings)
4. Bday Boots 2023 (Netherite* Boots)
5. Bday Sword 2023 (Netherite Sword) 
6. Bday Pickaxe 2023 (Netherite Pickaxe) 
7. Bday Axe 2023 (Netherite Axe) 
8. Bday Shovel 2023 (Netherite Shovel

9. Bday Hoe 2023 (Netherite Hoe) 

10. Bday Shield
11. Bday Bow

When purchased you will Get
12x Bday 2023 Crate Keys, This Purchase may take 2-30 minutes to come though!

* Armor is leather but with equivalent netherite protection and does not burn in lava.