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_zuce 54.00 USD

Welcome to ObiCraft's online donation store. By donating you are helping support the server and its future development and Amazing Updates! 

Recent Announcement

Hello ObiCrafters, @everyone

We have been having a very spooky and fun month with the R.L Slime Event.(Yes that was a dad joke ).We are grateful for those that can help support the server.

To that end we would like to offer a very rare and limited Battle Axe at the end of this event to this month's top supporter.

We understand not everyone can donate financially so we would like offer 3 slime keys to the highest voter at the end of the month. Even if you do not make top voter this month the prizes you can get from 5 vote keys a day are almost Epic. I’ve received an Epic Key this month from voting! You also have a chance at a riptide trident, rockets, golden carrots, a chance at getting Tan, MomaBear, or my Minecraft head and more. Additionally, I have not liked the drop rates for shulker shells so with Tan’s help we have increased their frequency in the vote crate by 33%.

The cutoff for both top donator and top voter will be October 31st at 11:59 PM Central. So Please vote, please support if you can and have a Happy Halloween!

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