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Please join our Discord for support: https://discord.gg/C8cBXRyr
Or Email us at mc.playobicraft.com@gmail.com

Before making any purchases, please make sure to note that all purchases are final. Once you've purchased a package, you will not be refunded. Fraudulent purchases and activity will result in your account being permanently banned from all of our servers. Please make sure you are above the Age of 18 or get parental consent before purchasing any ranks or packages. Sharing accounts with another person that has little to no Information about your payment can result in a void of purchase support and in worse cases, even an Account Data Wipe.

Supported Payment Types

Some purchases may take up to 5 minutes to process

Please Keep in mind that:

  • Chargeback is NOT Allowed

No chargebacks are allowed unless you discuss with an Admin or Owner for your reasoning. You will first get a 3d ban, if it continues the following punishments will be enacted: 7d ban, 14d ban, 28d ban, perm ban.


If there is ever an issue with a purchase, please send an email to mc.playobicraft.com@gmail.com or open a ticket on our discord server, Do not contact Mojang as we are not affiliated with them in any shape or form, Nor are we approved by or associated with them.

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1.20.1 Coming soon to the server!
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