About Obicraft
ObiCraft: the ultimate universe. These are the creations of your imagination. A Minecraft community: for all ages, families, and friends to build new items and new worlds, to bravely construct what no Minecrafter has envisioned before.

Join us in the dawn of our ObiVerse. Our mission: to secure a safe and stable environment for you and your builds years into the future.

We are a family friendly sci-fi themed custom survival SMP that tries to preserve vanilla mechanics while adding enhancements for all. We take community input and do our best to add functionality without taking away from the vanilla experience. We want everyone to have access, and to that end we have pay and play options for all. We are not a PVP server but do have a keep inventory PVP arena where you can battle your friends and collect the head drops for your trophy room. We have a chunk claim system to secure your personal items and builds. Parkours, vehicles, backpacks, furniture and more. Whether you choose to play vanilla or engage with our many optional addons we hope you will find inspiration for all your builds here.

Here at ObiCraft without spending a cent you can have water cannon wars at PVP, craft overpowered (OP) tools, construct crate keys for amazing OP items and so much more. Are textures your thing? Then look no further, we have a wide variety of in game economy purchasable and craftable items that require no real money, just your time. Not crazy about the textures? Don’t worry, many of them can be toggled to the vanilla texture. Want to fly an X-Wing Fighter, become a titan of industry (bragging rights), create and decorate? All these features and more are there for the enjoyment. For a detailed list of features see “ObiCraft: Enter the Cube”

Here on ObiCraft you decide your adventure. Choose from our Easy Milky Way Universe, our Hard Difficulty Andromeda, or both. We have a robust help menu to guide you through our features and a small but helpful staff to respond to issues.

We do have a rank system with perks for those that can help support through donations and an in-game economy purchasable rank with more to come for those that can’t donate or just don’t want to.

Join us on ObiCraft and may the craft be with you.

ObiCraft S2E1 The Craft Awakens