Enter the Cube

ObiCraft: Enter the Cube

Here at ObiCraft we use both plugins and datapacks from many developers in the Minecraft community along with some in house customizations. Below is a detailed list of features you will find on our server.

  • Oraxen Model Engineused for custom blocks, furniture, backpacks, custom mechanics, and visible custom armor without the need for Optifine.
    1. This does break the 0 tick noteblock redstone mechanic and has been voted on by the community as an acceptable downside.
    2. This plugin along with a lot of datapack customization allows us to have retractable light sabers with dynamic lighting (not emissive lighting).
  • MTVehicles allows us to have drivable vehicles, spaceships, and more.
  • Armor Statues Data Pack: Same one used on Hermitcraft from Vanilla Tweaks.
  • Water Connon Data Pack: This is a tweak to TimberForge data pack. You can use it in the PVP arena with the water cannon. When you shoot a player, they will levitate and get wither effect for a few seconds. Find the Bear NPC at Spawn for your free water cannon.
  • Silence Mobs Data Pack: Rename any mob to “silence me” with a nametag to make them quiet.
  • More Mob Heads: trade with villagers for mob heads.
  • Player Head Drop Data Pack:You can obtain mob heads by changing your skin and sacrificing your XP. Yes, players drop a head at every death.
  • DeluxeMenus: We use this a lot. It is a very customizable plugin that allows us to make the in-game menus for the quest shops, help menu and much more.
  • Space Depot: This is an in-house customized feature that will give you 5 random items and random prices to sell at. Use this to earn money in the economy.
  • Bamboozeled: Another in house feature used as a money sink. You can purchase spaceships that fly, furniture to sit in and more.
  • Obsidian PC: this is a computer you can craft that doubles as a totem. You can click with the computer to access the help menu or type /help.
  • Gradient Rename Tool: This allows you to make any gradient you want (256 character limit). It costs 35 XP to rename an item.
  • Virtual Tools: Purchased from the quest menu or our store. You can get a virtual workbench, anvil, stonecutter, or enderchest.
  • Advanced Perks for different ranks: Vision, Fire Resistance, Jump Boost, Glowing, Water Breathing, Speed, Resistance, Farmer, and Telekinesis which allows items to go directly into your inventory. This last perk can be obtained through quests.
  • BetterSlimeChunk which allows players to hold a slimeball, click with it and learn if their standing in a slime chunk.
  • EzChestShopis used for in game shops. This is the coolest plugin for shops I’ve seen. It allows you to make a chest, barrel or even a shulker box a shop. You can pick up the shulker box and move it without breaking your shop.
    1. There is no directory option for shops yet, but shops can be advertised in the Warps Menu (/pw)
  • FilteredHopperswill let you set up sorting systems without the need for redstone. I’ve tested mutli sorting and single sorting redstone mechanic and they still work if you choose to go the hard way.
    1. A note on the multi sorter. Due to Oraxen and breaking 0 tick noteblock mechanic you need to change to an observer with powered rail setup.
  • Grappling Hook Plugin is new and only has the whip from the Adventure Crate but more options will be added in the future.
  • Graves: Everyone has graves, we don’t charge for them. If you die in game your items will be safe for up to 3 hours. It costs $500 in game to teleport to your grave. You can only have 3 graves existing at any point in time. If you exceed 3 the old grave will be deleted along with your items.
  • InventoryRollBack: If something happens to items you paid real money for, don’t panic just reach out to staff and explain in as much detail what, when and where. We can then replace the items. This service may not be immediate so be patient and do not abuse it. We can pull data on items to see dupes.
  • Lands: This plugin allows you to claim chunks (16x16 block areas). Each rank has a limit to how many claims you can have. Over the years we have increased these limits across the board, usually around the holidays in December. The paid and free ranks all mirror each other(We are not pay to play we want all players to have the ability to level up) In addition, we have land claim blocks you can purchase from the store or from the in game bamboozled menu.
  • Silktouch Spawners: Because we are on a Purpur fork of Paper we have an option we can and do enable for silk spawners. You can break and move spawners with silk touch diamond and netherite pickaxes.
  • Nerfed Spawners: We have Spawner AI disabled. We may revisit this in the future.
  • Multiverse Portals and Nether Portals: Warping removes the need for nether portals and the multiple worlds break vanilla nether mechanics, but in trying to keep to vanilla we have configured the server to allow the Andromeda World and the Nether World (Non Resource) to link. Mobs can travel through them too. If you build a Nether Portal in Milkyway, it will take you to the Nether and then back into Andromeda.
  • We do have an Anti X-Ray plugin. We only have it enabled in the Nethers so players can’t cheat to get ancient debris since netherite is needed to craft SuperNova Keys. We disabled it in build worlds due to the glitching it causes while building.
  • PlayerVaults: More than just for season resets, we allow players to keep their Vault indefinitely. In the quest shop you can get more space for your vault. Up to 56 spaces max.
  • PlayerWarps: You can set warps to your favorite spots, with some exceptions like other players land and the Resource Worlds. With Player Warps you can lock down your warp so only you can use it. You can change the icon for it in the menu add a description and give it a category like “shops” to advertise your shops.
  • Resource Wolrds: We have resource worlds. Overworld, Nether and THE END! All worlds reset every 3 days and you can find the countdown in the /help menu under the start button.
  • Specimen Collector: This is a store item only, however we do sometimes give them out at events and drop parties. It allows you to pick up and move most mobs except for the Dragon and the Warden. It is a single use item.
  • SafeTrade: You can /trade within 10 blocks of another player for safe transfer of items.
  • TempFly: You can buy flytime on the store and everytime you use a vote key you gain a minute of fly time and a chance to win 10 min of fly time.
  • VanillaTowns: We have not done much with this yet. You can join towns and talk in town chat with /t message.
  • Veinminer: In the help menu you can purchase with in game money time on mining in 3x3x3 areas. You can change between modes and use this feature for chopping trees. 27 block max.
  • VentureChat: Other than cool colors in chat you can use party chat for talking amongst friends.
  • Voting Plugin: You can vote on Minecraft List Sites for our server and gain cool prizes. Use the keys or sell them to other players in game. (We are working on a revamp of the voting and voting key process.)
  • You can toggle the scoreboard with all the stats off if you like. /sb toggle.
  • Not crazy about the textures on your OP items? /stove and you can toggle the item to the vanilla texture.
  • Obi Quests to earn Stardust used to buy items in the quest shop.